How are we?

Elite International Consulting is an international trade consultancy specialized in international trade development for private companies and/or public institutions. EIC was founded by a team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in building and managing foreign trade departments. We offer our clients and partners a wide range of services being our main target to guarantee their success throughout their international projects.

Our team is formed by multilingual experts in very diverse and wide ranging industries, and with successful experience in more than 40 countries, working closely with our network of partners around the four continents.

What do we offer??

Elite International Consulting offers a wide range of specialized services. Our staff and network of professionals is fully committed to lead our companies┬┤ development throughout their plans in international markets.

Globalization and development of international markets open new opportunities for both importing or exporting companies, and make them experience and approach new targets in foreign business.

When starting your international adventure, Elite International Consulting is the best partner you can have. We give any kind of advice, answer any question you may have in any field, and offer any kind of assistance your company may need with the only goal of assuring your success during the process.

Our companies, domestic and overseas, by our deep knowledge of foreign markets, and all the information we have stored after many years of experience, our companies are helped in difficult tasks such as finding the correct market for your products, the most appropriate clients or partners, and updating products to the objective markets. At Elite International Consulting we highly believed that, nowadays, is almost impossible to be considered as a competitive company without selling overseas.

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Adress: C/ Suiza n┬║ 1, C.REAL (SPAIN)
Phone: +34 926 81 62 82
Mobile:+34 607 26 88 01

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